I regret to inform you that WebGL builds will soon be phased out in favor of Native Builds. Why? The WebGL renderer is not capable of achieving the effects I wish to create, and even in early stages of tests, the WebGL renderer with these effects disabled really hurts the level.  I will still leave up a WebGL playable version of the game (and may in fact update it to be a demo of sorts), but as of now this will no longer be the way to play.

Ever wanted to set yourself on fire and kill monsters with your own body? No? I don't care! Get out there and set everyone ablaze! This is a short prototype level of a roguelike idea I got from the Trijam #79. Art, sounds, and programming were done by me. Music was created a few years ago by my friend Smathrar. Her work is available at https://smathrar.bandcamp.com/.

QLight yourself on fire, using a match
EDouse yourself out using a water bottle, regaining 100% of the health you lost to fire and getting a little bonus back instantly.
RRestart the game


If you intentionally douse yourself (Using a water fountain or a water bottle) you regain 100% of the health you lost to fire, if you get doused out by an enemy you only regain 66% of the health lost.

Your Healthbar shows your current health (in green), and the health you can regain by dousing yourself out (orange).

Standing still increases your life regen rate.

Using a water bottle instead of a fountain also gives you 5hp in healing.

The shooter enemies stop shooting if you get too close, back em' into a corner!

The sprinklers and waves follow specific patterns, watch them and strike when they're down!

To win you must kill all enemies in the level and defeat the boss slime!

Development log


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Still fricking hard :) but the ranged enemies are now a lot easier to deal with.

A little less enemies and/or more room to maneuver would help a lot


I actually realized that code I left in from some old behavior over-wrote the AttackSpeed for the enemies, so they were attacking faster than they should have. I have removed the code and the enemies attack at the desired (much slower) pace.